Facebook ads and top 10 types of Facebook ads

Facebook Ads 

Facebook is the world largest social networking site and over a billion people use Facebook to connect. If facebook were a country it would be the world 3rd largest country. Facebook has become the necessary place for businesses, brands, organizations, celebrities, musicians, public figures, non-profit organizations, schools, institutes and more to interact with consumers and the wider audience of online users. 
You can do advertisement on Facebook Based on locations, age and interest and more. Facebook is on three of every four smartphones, 1 and more than half of people on Facebook visit every day. 
Most online advertising reaches only 27% of its intended audience. Facebook’s average is 91%.3. 
Facebook ads can increase footfall to your store because it is easier for people to find and share information about your business. Facebook ads can increase your online sales you can promote your website to get more clicks. You can promote your upcoming product and service and get reviewed. Many of filmstars are using fb just for to be in glamour all the time. If your brand is not much famous you can advertise on facebook to create your brand awareness and to create your brand imagery. If you are having any ios or android app you can promote it on facebook to get more installs. 
If you are having budget of Rs.25000 or +, Facebook will help you in advertisement on facebook. Facebook support team helps you to promote your business online on Facebook. Facebook support team creates your official ad account and they help you telephonically to promote your business or brand page. Facebook support team provides you continuous support for 22 days. In which they call you and teach how to select and target your ads. There are various types of ads on Facebook through which you can promote your business. 

Top 10 Types of Facebook Ads 

1) Page Post Ads – These are the ads from any post of the page. In this you can boost your post to make it more famous. whenever you post anything, there is a box in blue color with message Boost post. 

2) Sponsored Ads – These ads are shown on right hand side or in Newsfeed. These ads are always in vertical position and there are always more than 5 ads on right side. Sponsored Stories show a user’s interaction with an advertiser’s page or product to the user’s friends and larger network. Sponsored Stories are also one form of Facebook ads that can appear in a user’s newsfeed. Sponsored ads or stories are the first ads which was started by facebook and these ads are specially designed for desktop users. 

3) Page like Ad- one of the most used advertisement on Facebook and major one which is necessary for every beginner who just has started advertising on facebook.

4) Video Ads – These are the ads in which video is used which is displayed. Facebook video ads are different from google and youtube ads. Facebook video ads is limited to some resources.

5) Offer Ads – These are the ads through which people can claim the offer. For e.g. Discounts. mostly sites use these types of ads to sell their products online, after campaign or during campaign you can check your conversions. 

6) Event Ads – Any workshop or upcoming event can be used in Event Ads, mostly event’s organizer use these ads to promote their upcoming events or shows. 

7) Homepage Ads – These are the Premium Ads that are displayed on the Home page of the User. These ads are on CPM basis and come in Fast Track program. 

8) Logout page Ads – These ads are shown when a user logouts from his/her account. These are one of the costliest ads on facebook. These ads are for 24 hours. Demerit is these ads are only visible to people who use facebook on computer system.

9) Newsfeed Ads – These ads are shown in the newsfeed column either in desktop and mobile phones and tablets.

10) Type Ahead Ads – These ads are shown in the search bar.

Where will my ad show on Facebook? 

Facebook Ads can appear in News Feed or in the right column of any page on the site. Promoted Posts are Facebook ads that let advertisers pay a flat rate to promote a single post on their Facebook business page. The promoted post reaches more fans and friends of fans than a regular post. 
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