Duckduckgo Surpasses 100 Million Daily Search Queries For The First Time

As highlighted in 2015, this absence of granular information often makes it hard for the firm to estimate its own user base.

Yet this commitment to privacy has additionally assisted the business to obtain a following among the privacy-conscious crowd. DuckDuckGo has been picked as the default search engine in the Tor Browser and is frequently the default search engine in the private browsing modes of several other internet browsers.

DuckDuckGo’s appeal comes after the search engine has expanded beyond its very own website and currently uses mobile applications for Android and iPhone, however also a committed Chrome extension.

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo reached a significant milestone in its 12-year-old history this week when it recorded on Monday its first-ever day with greater than 100 million customer search inquiries.

The success comes after a period of continual development the company has been seeing for the past two years and explicitly considering that August 2020, when the search engine began seeing greater than 2 billion search queries a month often.

Yet, the search engine’s rising popularity is also due to its specified objective of not gathering user information and giving the same search results to all users.

Greater than 4 million users installed these applications and expansion, the firm claimed in a tweet in September 2020.


DuckDuckGo’s historic turning point comes in a week when both Signal and Telegram, two other privacy-centric applications, also introduced significant periods of development.

Yesterday, on Friday, Facebook postponed the brand-new privacy policy by three months. Yet, the damages had been done by that point, and hundreds of millions of individuals were reminded of their right to privacy. Many flocked to Signal and Telegram– but it would not be a stretch to assume that many customers were advised to use DuckDuckGo rather than Google.

Telegram introduced on Monday that it got to 500 million registered users. Simultaneously, Signal’s web servers decreased on Friday after seeing “millions upon numerous new customers” in a sudden increase the company stated surpassed even its most optimistic estimates.

Both spikes in new users for Signal and Telegram are a straight result of a significant public relationship snafu at Facebook after the company announced it would be obstructing access to WhatsApp accounts unless individuals accepted a new privacy policy that gave Facebook access to more WhatsApp customer data.