Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Content Marketing is an integrated set of strategies, tactics, tools, and methods used to generate and promote relevant, beneficial, and consistent content that will draw and receive a clear defined audience through proven techniques with the goal of drive-effective customer response and convert them into buyers. There are many mistakes that people make when they engage in content marketing. For instance, most people believe that content writing is an easy task and do not consider the various elements involved such as writing style, tone, grammar, and clarity, which in result, produce ineffective and low-quality content. This article highlights the major mistakes in content marketing and explains how to avoid them so that you can create and develop high-quality content. 

Many newbie marketers commit the mistake of using only one or two key phrases and key words that will help them dominate the market. Although this method is more popular, it does not provide a long term solution and can easily be overtaken by more lucrative digital marketing campaigns. Marketers need to have a plan of attack and need to execute a strategy consistently to achieve their goals. Writing one-word-per-phrase articles is not enough for a long-term digital marketing campaign that will generate positive results. Marketers should use a combination of various keywords, phrases, tags, and headings to promote content and increase visibility. 

A very common mistake in content marketing strategy is to simply create content and submit it to directories without any thought to optimization. It is common knowledge that most directories do not rank highly in search engines due to poor design, so a great content marketing strategy is to first optimize the site before submitting it to directories. The majority of directories have a page rank system that ranks a website on different categories, not on keyword volume alone. The more pages that are ranked highly, the more likely users will find the site in their category and most likely to become targeted buyers. 

Another mistake that many marketers make is not focusing on evergreen content. If the site is constantly filled with new, updated content, visitors will keep coming back because they like what they see. Search engines love evergreen content because it means the site has staying power and is valuable to the user. Research has shown that the sites that are most popular are always updating with fresh, relevant content. These sites are usually the evergreen ones that create massive buzz with their fresh information. 

One of the most common content marketing mistakes that marketers make today is using social media and SEO to drive traffic directly to their site. Although these methods have worked in the past, they are completely useless when driving traffic directly from social media. Social media is flooded with millions of users posting their articles and photos to the top social networking sites and forums. In fact, most of the top 10 most popular social media accounts have over five million followers. This means that marketers could easily spam their accounts with sales messages or links in order to increase their visibility on the network. 

Content marketing is not the only way to market online. The main objective of most marketers today is to dominate all of the different forms of advertising media. Using SEO and social media in conjunction with traditional marketing techniques is essential in gaining an audience for their product or business. However, with so many people bombarded by the newest content marketing trend on the internet, marketers may lose their audience to new marketing methods in the future. Always remember to research your market and be creative in your approaches to marketing.