Census Bureau Director to Resign Amid Allegations of Pressure to Produce An Immigrant Count

Dillingham said in a declaration that he would undoubtedly surrender on Wednesday, the day Trump leaves the White House, as well as President-elect Joseph Biden takes the workplace. 

Facing criticism over efforts to create citizenship data to follow an order from President Donald Trump, U.S. Census Bureau director Steven Dillingham stated Monday that he planned to surrender with the modification in governmental management. 

The Census Bureau supervisor’s plan to surrender comes as the analytical company is in the middle of crunching the numbers for the 2020 census. This will undoubtedly be utilized to identify how many legislative seats and Electoral College elects each state gets, in addition to the circulation of $1.5 trillion in federal investing annually. 

Last week, Democratic lawmakers called on Dillingham to surrender after a guard dog company stated he had set a due date that pressured statisticians to generate a record on the number of people in the U.S. illegally.