All About Google Adsense: What, How, Where, When To Apply For Google Adsense

A lot of us heared about people who gain money from the internet. You want to be one of them yes!!! 
but you don not know the way i will tell you people make money online in two ways: adsense and affiliate programs. let me give you a brief about them 
adsense: google program put ads in your website and when people click on it you gain money! 
afiliate programs: you sell others products in your site or refere people to affiliate program owner! 

your next question’s may be how to make easy money from them? well, my answer to you that you 

  1. you should have a web site 
  2. join some affiliate programs 
  3. join adsense program from google 

now, i can make money?………………sorry, no!! 
what to do? the first and the last answer build a lot of links which refer to your site, why? to increase your google page rank* why? because you need to improve your search engine results. 

We all know that google isn’t just going to start pouring in the profits for you But, you have to work for googles benefit as well. You have to have content that will allow google to tailor there ads perfect to your google adsense site. 

Google adsense is a break in merchant advertising. as well for the new sites out there with one of the kind products and the best thing is that it doesn’t cost you one dime. Simply just your time and dedication to building the best google site for yourself. Study plan it out and make sure you do plenty of google adsense research. Research is important in building you adsense site. Really relevant content is very important and fresh as well. 

Everyone has their own tips and tricks as to what makes their google adsense profits for them, but not all these tips always work for other google adsense clients in the same way. 
Before you go purchase your domain, sit down at the computer and search content on the topic of your choice, for your google adsense site. Study the content, picture in your mind what kind of ads will show up on your site. Will these programs and what affiliates offer increase your profitability or will it get a blind eye and lose a possible customer. 

Research the google adwords to find highly searched keywords through the search engines. Really put some time and effort into keywords, placement in pages throughout your site. Relevance of keywords an ad placement can make or break how people are going to perceive your site and if I click this, will it take me to what I’m really interested in seeing or buying. 

Once you’ve researched your google adsense site topic, Do it again. You want to grasp as much information on google as you can. The more honed you are to whats out there, the better you can design your site and the content in it. Keep a updated keyword database or file. Constantly update, cause these files and databases can change on a daily basis depending on searches. 

Your site must have the content all your competitors sites lack. To establish a constant flow of new visitor traffic.You ever did a search on the title of any article you’ve just added to your site, to see how many other sites contain that same exact article. You ought to try it sometime. It would blow your mind to actually see how many others have the same articles and products listed throughout their adsense site. 

You’ll find the same article on similar adsense sites, all over google. The richer the content, that is in your site the better. Write yourself some personal articles from your own stash. Make sure your articles are relevant to your site and assess your keyword counts, as well does my article give specifics in pulling interest to keep reading or even checking out what this site has to offer. 

I once watched a google adsense site sell on ebay for $7,000.00 I went to check this site out and it was the shottiest thing I ever saw but it had a google page rank of 6. I couldn’t believe what I saw but the content as I surfed through it all made perfect sense. 

Every piece of content on that site was specifically tailored to babies. I wish I 
could remember the sites name but the site layout was horrible but the content was absolutely inline with a lot of things other google adsense clients talked about. 

Needs to increase exposure, rich google content.Don’t try to trick google spiders or search engines, it may work for a bit but it will catch up to you and could get you thrown out of google for good.As google state “No Evil” they live by this quote. So don’t try anything stupid, & read out the google adsense policies before going to perform anything stupid because in case of any violation your Website will be block forever. You can find out more info by visiting this website:


  1. You need a full launched and robust website (not under construction) 
  1. Your website must have a minimum traffic for getting some money from adsense. 
  1. Your website/blog must not contain a crush of keywords (High paying keywords) 
  1. The website theme must be related to the content of the site 
  1. Your website Should not have contents against adsense 
  1. Simple Internet Browsing knowledge is enough to start this program. No Previous experience needed 
  1. You must have a Bank Account to deposit the cheques which you will receive from Google. 
  1. If you are having a Blogspot blog, it must be older than 6 months. 
  1. Your blog/website must not contain illegal content, pornography and hate-related. 
  1. The website/blog must not have a crush of advertisements. 
  1. This is not all. There is a list of many more things that need to be considered while applying for Adsense. View a list of their program policies. 


  1. Go to : 
  1. Submit your website, account and personal details that is needed to provide before joining adsense. 
  1. Wait for 1 – 7 days to get reply from adsense 
  1. If they ask you to confirm the domain, follow the instructions to confirm the domain 
  1. If they disabled your account, your website/blog not enough to apply for adsense. 
  1. If you are having a blog, apply for adsense using the monetize link provided in the dashboard. 


copyscape will help you find out.and will also protect your content. 


If you apply, and you get rejected, do not worry and do not be panic, because once the application is rejected, you still can apply again, and it does not mean that you will always be rejected. 

My advice is, clean up your site from another ads before you apply, and then sign up for adsense. If you are rejected, monetize your blog by using another sites like adsense as alternatives, they are good too. (especially infolinks). 

The best alternative is even using affiliate, if you notice, most blogs promote Thesis themes, and have those yellow banners. Those banners are from shareasales, and if you can make sales in your blog, the comission will be much much more than AdSense and the alternative together. 



google page rank (PR): google importance measure of a web page. 

Once you are accepted, follow their policies and get more traffics because more traffics equal more clicks equal to more money. Good luck!