8 Reasons Why People Hate Google Adsense

There is no personal experience of hatred for me to Google Adsense. Many of my blogger friends Google adsense account have been banned. There will be a reason for Google to ban your account but the reason from Google will not be too clear and either if you understand the reason after rectifying the problem on your website and once again approaching to Google to reconsider to activate your Google adsense account then sometimes few might get their Google adsense regained but many will not get it back. After all these many of the bloggers stop blogging. This is seriously very bad to think. I know very well that Google Adsense is the best one to earn more money. There are many people who are blogging for 2 to 3 years, their adsense account might have been banned. Some will continue to blog by using other methods to earn money while others will stop blogging because they feel that there is nothing to earn without Google adsense. If you are a newbie and not getting Google adsense account approved or your Google adense got banned then dont worry here there are many ways to earn. 

Here I will tell you the 8 Reasons Why People Hate Google Adsense 

Readers leave your website soon 

First thing people hate adsense only because when your readers visits your website they click on to your ad and then leave the page. In Google adsense its ads will never open in a new tab. Henceforth Visitors will leave your website which may be due to: 

A lost subscriber 
A lost sale and so on.. 

Approval for Google Adsense is a difficult term 

I came across many new bloggers on why Google adsense are not approving their account. Each and everyone has their own reasons for Google adsense not approval. Either your blog is six or one year old or if your blog is not satisfying Google norms and conditions then its very difficult to get your Google ads approval. 

Too many rules to follow: 
There are too many norms and conditions to follow. If you either follow all your rules and conditions but any time your Google ad sense might get banned from Google. Though Adsense get approved but any time if your website are not fulfilling the norms and conditions 

No Proper response from Email Support: 
Google Adsense has email support but you have to wait too many days to get reply from them. 

If you are Google adsense account banned then forget Adsense 

Are your trying to get approval for new blog then you have to fulfill their norm criteria. If your account is approved but not fulfilling Google’s criteria then your Google adsense account might be banned at any time. Once your account is banned then your will not get back in program again. You can go for new account but not the same old account. 

Low cost per click: 
A big earnings can be gained through Google adsense only if you are from US or western Europe. If you are not from any of these countries then forget your big earnings. 

In US and European countries per click price is too good which might be around $1 or $2 which depends on your keyword and click. If you are in India and are getting a traffic of 100-1000 daily then you will never earn too much money from Google adsense. You might receive a CPC of $0.01-$0.02 for clicks which may also be around $1-10$ per month. Adsense always pays a less clicks for India. 

If you are having high tarffic then many advertisers will pay you more than adsense offer. 

Little Editorial Content: 
You know Google has about 100,000 advertisers or more than this. You may never have control onto your blog. 

Want to have a specific control on ads then may use OIO publishers for WordPress. This is one of the best plugins to manage all ad spot, stats and payment. 

Highly Delay in Payment: 
In your first order to receive money from ad sense then you have to verify your home address. Adsense sends PIN which may take around 2 or 3 months from where you live. Adsense minimum payouts is $100, once you reach the minimum amount then you may wait for many month or week to receive checks.