Artificial Intelligence in the Future of Society

Artificial Intelligence (IA) is the study of intelligent systems (computers androids) that mimics human activities such as intelligence, language, and knowledge. It includes areas like artificial intelligence systems for manufacturing, decision making, and decision support. Such as Watson, IBM’s Jeopardy, Google Brain, etc. We live in a world where everything is changing, so Artificial Intelligence Researchers are continuously in search of better ways to improve Artificial Intelligence. 

Artificial Intelligence (IA) encompasses many technologies such as Computer Programming Language, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Meta-Learning, Financial Algorithms, Consumer Attention Management, Web Algorithms, and many more. The artificial intelligence system refers to any computer program that performs a certain function by using pre-existing databases, knowledge, and techniques. Recently, many companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, and others have invested heavily in Artificial Intelligence research and development. By machine, we mean software that can perform any type of business task. Such as analyzing documents, analyzing data, controlling operating systems, analyzing large consolidated data sets, analyzing natural language, web search engines, … In short, anything that can perform a task traditionally performed by an individual without the assistance of a computer is called artificial intelligence. 

Currently, the most prominent use of Artificial Intelligence is in advertising. Advertising firms use this technology to analyze large amounts of data to look for competitive, contextual, and personalized ads. This allows advertisers to focus on the right audience with the right message at the right time with a high level of effectiveness. The future of Artificial Intelligence looks promising. Experts believe that sometime in the near future, all ads will be Internet-based, and based only on personal details contained in the ad itself, rather than on general consumer trends. They also believe that artificial intelligence will enable advertising firms to offer personalized service to their customers through their computers and by monitoring customer insights. 

Another use of artificial intelligence is in robotics and artificial intelligence research. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have been investigating and developing Robotic engineers, which are similar to humans in many ways, but much more robotic in nature. As they develop robots that are friendlier to people and therefore more comfortable to interact with, this will help raise the general quality of life in society. We may steroids on the streets of future cities, or human doctors walking among us in the future to provide much needed care and service. 

Self-driving cars is another application of Artificial Intelligence research. The progress made so far in computer science has made it possible to program self-driving cars to react to certain situations. In other words, the car will stop when it comes to cross lanes, it will turn its brake lights on when it should, and it will break if it needs to. These self-driving cars will not need any human supervision and will not have the same biases as a human might have. This will eliminate most of the traffic violations that occur due to human error or carelessness. In the future, we could be looking at artificially intelligent machines being placed in traffic calming zones, where they would simply notify the driver of any potential accidents, or incidents of dangerous behavior by other drivers. 

All of these applications are only the beginning. The true potential of Artificial Intelligent machines is still to completely revolutionize the way we do business and go about our daily lives. Deep learning is one area that has been developed with the advancement of technology, and Google’s project called AlphaGo took the idea and ran with it. While Google won’t have complete control of the field, they have one very powerful tool to bring it all together – artificial intelligence. Whether you think that the internet will ever be a different place, or that artificial intelligence is going to solve all of society’s problems, the potential is there.