What Is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is any crime that involves an electronic system, computer network or a wired device. Cybercrime can consist of many different forms of criminal activity, such as internet fraud, wallet and credit card theft, and password and address theft, to name a few. In the past, a person could get in touch with his friends via chat rooms or instant messaging programs; however, with the advent of the Internet and emails, cyber crimes have developed into sophisticated crime that doesn’t even require face-to-face interaction. Many cyber criminals remain anonymous, masking their true identity through various online alter ego and false identity websites and accounts. There are also specific online forums where different users share information on online scams, thefts, and other cybercrimes. 

If you’re facing cybercrimes, then you must know how to prevent cybercrime or get rid of cybercrimes if they have already happened. Cybercrime is now on the rise; therefore, you need to know all you can about these new crimes and the measures you can take to avoid or reduce them. Many people have already been affected by cybercrimes. A good way to avoid being cyberbitten is to get deal with these new crime before it gets worse. 

Many people think that the best way to prevent cybercrime is to stay away from the Internet and computers. However, recent cybercrimes have shown that this isn’t necessarily true. It has been observed that cybercriminals are increasingly using mobile applications such as QiMaid and BlackBerry Messenger, Blackberry phones, iPhones, and tablet PCs to make their cybercrimes. It is therefore important that these types of devices are not left behind during a cyber attack. 

It is also seen that cybercriminals often use phishing methods to acquire your personal and financial information. If you are using your credit card for online shopping, make sure that the site you are entering your details into is secure. There are many ways in which a cyber criminal can obtain your credit card number or any other personal and financial data. Therefore, you should be very careful about giving out your credit card information or pin number on the Internet. Only use websites that you know are well-secured. 

Many businesses may be unaware that there are cyber criminals residing on their systems and can easily access and extract all of your information including passwords. They can use this information to access your accounts on online shopping sites, transfer money, or send spam messages to your personal email. In fact, some cyber criminals are known to use real financial institutions to conduct their cybercrime operation. This can cause great harm to businesses and individuals alike. 

These are only some of the crimes that are related to cybercrime. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has published Cybercrime: An FBI Guide. This provides a comprehensive overview of the different types of cybercrimes. Every year, more people are becoming victims of these crimes and therefore, it is important that both businesses and individuals know about these different types of cybercrime.