What Differs Media Designer from Graphic Designer

Graphic design and media design – everyone has heard of these areas of responsibility and job titles. What exactly is it?  

First of all, media designers or graphic designers are not professionals like any other. Behind it, there is always a passion and a calling!  

Unlike other creative professions, graphic design or media design is not geographically restricted. It doesn’t matter whether the media designer lives in New York or the graphic designer runs his studio in Düsseldorf. 

He always has the opportunity to work nationwide, regardless of where the customer is based. The corporate philosophy of the customer should always match the working methods of media designers and media designers.  

The distance does not matter here. Especially since the Internet and electronics only partially require close contact. 

Media designer brief description 

Media designers create media products and plan production processes. They integrate media components, prepare data for digital usage, and assemble them for their intended application. 

What is the difference between media design and graphic design? 

The term graphic design, the professional title graphic designer, comes from analog product design. It was about creating pure visual products such as advertising brochures, company logos, or magazine layouts.  

In the meantime, graphic design no longer means the implementation of pure visual products. The field of media design and the entire strategy behind it was expanded to include communication between consumer and provider.  

That is why the term communication designer is being used more and more frequently instead of the term graphic designer. The profession of media designer, on the other hand, is very firmly anchored in digital media. 

Media design means creativity in the audiovisual media sector. The combination of graphic design and media design is ideal for the customer. This covers the complete needs of every company, every group, and every advertising strategy today. 

How does a media designer work? 

The job description of media design or graphic design is not a job based on time. The creativity program in the head of a graphic designer or media designer does not start up just by starting up the PC.  

Therefore, both of them work on one project alone, and one saleswoman can only serve one customer. There are several orders that the media designer processes in parallel. 

The idea for a job then often comes unexpectedly and regardless of the current activity and time. The projects stay with the graphic designer even after work. It is 100 percent commitment to the job, with no time or location restrictions, combining graphic design and media design. 

What training does the media designer require? 

Regardless of passion and vocation, the job description of media design also requires training in the tertiary education sector. The university degree to become a media designer includes the aspects necessary for management tasks, depending on the orientation.  

In-company or school-based training based on the job description of a media designer is called a media designer for digital and print media. This takes place in companies in the media and communications industry. Vocational schools also train to become state-recognized media designers.