Unforgettable Award Shows: 6 Ideas For Your Award Ceremony

Everyone knows them, and everyone loves them – awards shows! Whether Golden Globes, Grammys, Oscars or Pulitzer Prize: An award ceremony is always a special occasion to dress up and celebrate. 

But what creates anticipation among the guests costs the organizer many sleepless nights: “How can I make the evening even more special? What do I have to think about? I beg your pardon? “The red carpet doesn’t arrive on time”? ” 

We’ll inspire you with six ideas that will make your next award ceremony an unforgettable celebration. 

The first impression 

The entrance is the first thing your award ceremony guests see. Therefore it has to inspire and make a good impression! 

At many award shows, the reception is an integral part of the program. “The red carpet” is one of the essential program items at the Oscars that you can no longer imagine the evening without it. But there are many other ideas on how you can make the first few minutes of your guests unforgettable. 

(Sponsor) canvas 

Set up a screen for your guests to take photos of upon arrival. So they slowly get into the mood of the evening, take pictures with their colleagues and acquaintances and allow themselves to be treated like real stars. 

Are you looking for sponsors for your event? Then offer them the opportunity to place their logo on the canvas.  


With the right decoration, you can determine the atmosphere of the award ceremony. Depending on the topic, your entrance can be glamorous, with a red carpet and champagne reception or feminine, playful with flowers.


At events, guests always remember one thing first, the food! Welcome drinks and snacks are always an excellent way to put you in a good mood right away and bridge the time until the actual dinner. 

Set the stage 

Every award ceremony stands and falls with the stage! The attention of guests, the press and spectators around the world is focused on the stage design. A faux pas at the entrance is quickly forgotten when the stage is a masterpiece – but not the other way around! 

Therefore, you should invest enough time, creativity and budget in their design. Let your imagination run wild and play around with decorations, props and the background. 

Are you putting up a screen or screen with a projector? What will be displayed when the prizes are awarded? As a rule, film clips are shown at the Oscars. For example, at customer or team events, photos or videos of the recipient or their successes can be demonstrated. 


This is an often neglected point and should not be missing at any award ceremony. 

With the proper lighting, you can change a lot without having to spend tons of money! In any medium-sized city, you can borrow spotlights, light music or smoke machines for an evening. 

And believe me, light and music are the two most essential ingredients for the right atmosphere! You have certainly already been to a party where the mood was destroyed by too bright lighting or at a dinner event where you could not see your food? 

With warm or colored light, you can differentiate between different program points. For example, when the lights go on, the audience knows they can get up (either the buffet opens or the party is over). 

Appropriate lighting can put your stage in the foreground or highlight specific decorations. If you have little of everything else, then you should make sure you have enough light!