Top Marketing Campaign Strategies

With social media, video marketing, podcasting, and more, the race is on for the best marketing campaign strategies. What makes a solid marketing campaign plan, and what exactly does it take to attract the right target audience, generate a long term, high-impact impression, and make your marketing campaign pays off big time? Here are seven winning marketing campaign tactics sure to make your marketing campaign itchy enough to hang on to. With the right balance of content, timing, and creativity, your marketing campaign can be both effective and memorable. This article has tips to boost your marketing through these popular venues. 

Social Media Marketing Strategy One: Build a community around your product or service with the help of a blog or forum. The world is your audience. Whether you have a blog, podcast, or website, you can build a community around your product or service and engage your audience in an ongoing dialogue. This is an incredibly powerful marketing campaign because not only will it build trust among your audience, but it will also drive them to your website where you have a chance to convert them into buyers. Use Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and other forms of online discussion to engage your audience. 

Google Analytics Content Network Marketing Strategies Two: Measure your campaign’s results. Measurement is the heart of a marketing campaign. Take the time to understand how well your landing page is performing, how many emails you sent, how many people did click through to your site (or site-copy), how many sales or leads you generated, etc. By tracking these performance numbers, you’ll have the best results possible from your marketing campaign. If you don’t already have an analytics solution in place, start with Google Analytics and get rolling. 

Video Marketing Strategy Three: Make video marketing campaigns stand out. Social media users have grown comfortable with YouTube and other video sharing services, so it’s wise to tap into this market. There are many ways to do this, such as creating promotional videos that are highly targeted towards your audience. You can also increase traffic to your site with search engine optimization and press releases. Just remember that your video ads should always relate to the content on your website, because if your audience can’t find what they’re looking for, they won’t spend any time on your page. 

Email Marketing Strategy Four: Keep in constant touch with your target audience. Marketing campaigns can fail for a variety of reasons, but the failure of email campaigns is often due to no follow-up communication. Stay in constant contact with your list by sending them relevant information about updates or new products and services. Remember that customers who keep you in their inbox are more likely to buy from you, so make sure your emails are relevant and carefully crafted to help them. 

Marketing Strategies Five: Look to other industries for new ideas. There are many successful businesses out there, so look to what you know about and borrow ideas that work. The key to a successful marketing campaign is in its execution and implementation. If you don’t apply these five strategies to your email marketing campaign, you might be wasting money on ineffective efforts. These five strategies are specifically designed to help you take your business and marketing campaign to the next level.