Top 10 Essential Marketing Collaterals for Home Business

One common mistake that most home business owners made is not spending enough time and investment on creating their business marketing collaterals. Most of them are overwhelmed by running of the business that they might have overlooked this. Unknowingly, marketing collaterals are the core means to reach and communicate to your potential customers. Hence, if you are one of the home business owners, you might want to consider producing an adequate set of marketing collaterals to support your marketing activities. The marketing collaterals will not only help to create awareness and visibility but also help to build your brand and promote good images to your target market.

What Are Marketing Collaterals?

The marketing collaterals are actually a collection of marketing materials like logo, business card, brochure, flyer, poster, letterhead, envelope, catalog, invoice, banner, fax template, powerpoint presentation template, direct mailer, product brochure, blog or website that used to market and promote your home business.

As a small home business owner, you might start with a tight budget so it is not necessary to get a full list of them at the beginning. Different businesses require different marketing collaterals at different stages of business cycle so the first priority is to identify the most essential marketing collaterals for your current needs. For your convenience, I’ve compiled a list of top ten most essential marketing collaterals for every home business should process.

  1. Logo
    This is the first item you must get as it is the identity for your home-based business. It is like a face where your customers can identify your business from other competitors. If you have a unique and memorable logo, you are already half the battle won especially when you are competing in a very competitive and saturated market. Unfortunately, most home business owners prefer to homemade their own logos but might not aware that it costs more harm than good. A business logo will increase in its equity value when the business grow in times so investing in a well-designed logo today is actually one of the critical steps for your home business success.
  2. Business Card
    Business card is the next essential and important marketing collaterals that every home business owners must have. It is almost synonyms to every business owners’ identity card as it lists down the most essential business information like business name, address, contact number together with the business owners’ personal name, email and telephone number. The business card is sometimes used like a mini promotional flyer as some business owners like to list down their product and services behind their business cards.
  3. Letterhead
    Besides the logo and business card, the letterhead is also a part of the business identity. It is normally used for formal communication so a simple and clean letterhead is recommended than a graphic-oriented letterhead. A fancy letterhead with heavy graphic or colored background is not suitable for print out as it costs a lot of wastage on printer inks. Nevertheless, letterhead has changed its format slowly from a physical printout to digital format as people tend to email correspondence then snail mailing them now.
  4. Envelope
    As most transactions are done online today, there is less need for envelope. However, envelope is still as important because most formal correspondence (for example, when you are dealing with government, finance and legal bodies) still require businesses to use their official letterheads and send via snail mail. Some bigger business organizations may require small business owners to mail them the invoices so do not ignore envelope. If you have budget to spare, make your envelope the same look and feel as your logo, business card and letterhead as it is also a member of the business identity family.
  5. Website / Blog
    This is one of the indispensable marketing collaterals that you must have especially when you are conducting an online business. A website or blog expand your reach to larger group of customers not only locally but globally. It is accessible 24×7 making it convenient for your customers from different time zone. It your website or blog has ecommerce features, your customers can help themselves with transactions without any manual interference making it an autopilot sales machine for you.
  6. Powerpoint Presentation Template
    If you need to give presentation to your customers all the time, having a powerpoint presentation template is a great time saver. It saves you from reworking on your powerpoint slides whenever there is a presentation. The powerpoint presentation template should inherit the look and feel of your business identity family as the consistency of image and colors will help to promote professionalism and credibility for your home business.
  7. Company Brochure
    The company brochure is simply a fact sheet of your business. It describes the nature of your business, mission, vision, date of business established, contact information and the business owner’s bios. Company brochure is useful when you are meeting new customers, suppliers or even media people. They are a great presentation tool as well as a great marketing tool so don’t leave your office without it.
  8. Product or Service Brochure
    The product or service brochure is used to support the sales process so it should be concise and persuasive. Its main objective is to inspire buying decision from the customers so the brochure should be well designed with the product specification and benefits clearly listed. Most product or service brochure is normally printed in A4 paper and folded into 3 panels for ease of transportation. But there are business owners who prefer to be printed A4 size and presented to customers together with the company brochure as a sales kit.
  9. Promotional Flyer
    The promotional flyer is usually printed in A5 paper size and used for distribution. Generally promotional flyer is used for advertising, limited promotion or to create awareness of your products or services. Flyer is especially well-liked by most new businesses as it can be an inexpensive way to promote their businesses. However, to be effective, you must know where to distribute your flyers otherwise you might end up polluting the environment.
  10. Price List
    A clear price list will help to expedite enquiry process as it facilitates communication and eliminates the time required to do quotation. However, there are some business owners who are not comfortable doing this because they are afraid of copy cat or imitation from the competitors. A good rule of thumb is often not to engage in price war with your competitors, offer value-added services that your competitors are not able to compete. However, if your services or products where you need to quote base on case-by-case basis then it is a different story.

When you are planning to produce your marketing collaterals, you should consider the marketing and sales processes carefully. Identify what are the marketing collaterals that are required and when they are needed will avoid unnecessary wastages and costs. All these marketing collaterals might seem cost a lot initially but they are definitely good return of investment when they help to generate sales and profit for your home business eventually. Most importantly, it helps to elevate your image and professionalism even though you are a small home business.