Top 10 Android business apps to help grow your business

Smartphones have replaced so many other devices for our day to day life. As for the business people- camera, calendar, note taker, pen, laptop, clock- everything has been placed on their phone to save lives and times. Need to send an emergency update through mail. Now we have outlook in our phones, need to write a report? No worries – we have the office suite in the phone as well. From desktop manager to remote desktop, from calendar apps to expense managers, from scanning a document to print them, all business purpose will be served through your phone if you know how to select the best apps from the Google store. 

Let’s get to know with the best business apps on mobile that Android has to offer: 

OfficeSuite Pro + PDF ($14.99) 

Easy to use, fast and most downloaded apps on Google play store. It has the most exclusive features that will let you view, edit and create a word, excel and power point presentations in your phone. You can also convert documents into PDF through it. Save you file in any given format options. This app is available in 56 languages. So get the business grow, download office today. 

TeamViewer Remote Control (Free) 

I think most of us are familiar with team viewer; we used it more or less in a desktop to share windows with remote users. It provides easy, fast and secure remote access to Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It is a widely used app. Simply install this on your device and let it control your computers remotely. Also, it has a secured setting. Download now 

Jorte Calendar & Organizer (Free) 

Widely downloaded and used in many countries, this is a very popular app for calendar management, especially for businesspeople. it has too many features such as multi-device syncing and backup. Also have format and choosing font’s option. Important appointments are shown in red. It will give you access to choose from a variety of themes and icons. Download 

Expense Manager (Free) 

Now you can keep a track of your regular expenses through your smartphone. That too in a categorical method. This is an ad-free app with a very simple easy to understand interface. If you have a sending disorder, you have the option to set monthly expense limit as well. So what the delay, Get it in your phone today.Download 

Tiny Scanner (Free) 

Tiny Scanner is a popular app that turns your Android device into a portable document scanner and scans everything as images or PDFs. Light, easy to use & very fast. So you can just get over with the troubles of chasing the heavy scanner of your work, and move forward with tiny scanner. Scan in color, grayscale or black & white and share with email, dropbox or Google drive. Download 

PrintHand Mobile Print Premium ($9.95) 

Now you can print directly from your device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without a computer. Direct mobile scanning is available for selected multifunction printers. You are allowed to print doc files, PDF files, XLS files, web pages, images, texts, Facebook albums, in short everything. Before purchasing the paid version there is an option to test the free app. Experience the sovereignty of printing anything you want. Download 

VAT Calculator Pro ($1.70) 

This app has established its reputation as an useful business app recently. Simply calculate VAT charges of different countries in addition to the basic mathematical calculator. VAT calculator allows you to do different kinds of custom rates such as fees, discounts etc. It also has an option to operate in different languages. Download 

Skype for Business for Android (Free) 

Everybody more or less knows what Skype does. But Skype for Business is the richer and extended version of Skype that allows you to break all barriers of calling with an easy to use interface. You can create group conversation, and keep on updating your network. It ensures improved security via Active Directory Authentication Library. It also supports for Active Directory Authentication Library based multi-factor authentication. Download 

Projector Selector (Free) 

If you have Panasonic projector in your conference room then this is your app. No more wrestling with corded devices to show your presentation. Just get this app which will simplify the hassle. This helps you selecting the correct Panasonic projector. You can manage the setting of the display through his app. Download 

The World Clock (Free) 

If you have to make calls to your clients or business partners living in abroad, be smart enough to understand the time difference. You can get the free version of the world clock anytime from the store. It has time zone converter, multiple clock support and daylight saving time. Digital world clock application. The paid version is ad-free. 

Are there more useful business apps which need to be mentioned? Feel free to comment and Let me know your feedback below: Download