The Most Important Things About Studying Event Management Part Two

How is the event management course structured? 

The course of study and the training to become an event manager can be very different. This does not only depend on the training facility but also the personal focus. An apprenticeship takes an average of three years; for a bachelor’s degree at a university of applied sciences, including internships, around six to eight semesters are planned. A master’s degree usually lasts four semesters. 

In terms of content, it is essential to understand business contexts in all forms of training: Planning, budgeting, financial control, and marketing and public relations.  

Organizational talent is the second pillar for every future event manager. This includes conception and project management, logistics, legal and security issues, and personnel planning. Further cornerstones of the training are psychology, market research and moderation skills. 

The focus on sports management, club and association management, and the distribution and sale of sporting goods may also complement the timetable. Anyone who chooses media management also learns how to work professionally with videos, radio and social media. In professional life is also to be expected with regular training. 

What are the personal requirements for studying event management? 

Event managers are, above all, strong communication and organizational talents. Openness and enjoyment of dealing with people are essential for the job.  

Math and business knowledge are also essential to keep track of things when planning. Your own inclinations and talents are indications of a possible specialization – in the field of media, music, sport, tourism or trade fair events. In addition, there is an excellent command of English and other foreign languages.  

Event managers also need a healthy relationship between pressure and stress because they do not have a regular evening in peak times. Willingness for further training is also part of the job, and excellent knowledge of digital offers and social media can be used for your events.