The Most Important Things About Studying Event Management Part One

Strictly speaking, event management in the US is not a classic subject like Language Studies or IT. If you still want to train as an event manager on the traditional academic path, you can, for example, take up a degree in business administration or sports science.  

With targeted internships and specializations in the course of study, entry into the event industry can succeed. 

What are the requirements to study event management? 

The training or degree in event management is very practice-oriented and permeable. As a rule, you need the secondary school leaving certificate to be accepted at a technical college.  

If you decide to study at a university, the Abitur is usually a prerequisite. However, this can be omitted for a few offers if professional experience in a topic-related area is available. 

Anyone who opts for a dual course in event management usually also needs a high school diploma. The application is then made directly through a company. 

Some universities of applied sciences offer a dual course of study. At the same time, you will obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree and a marketing communications assistant or an event management assistant. The apprenticeships are checked by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and are thus state recognized. 

Training as an event manager, for which a secondary school diploma or high school diploma is a prerequisite, has only existed since 2001. The internship offers a broad basis on which a personal specialty can be built.