Public Relations Strategy on Social Media You Should Know Part One

The development of technology, especially social media has increased very rapidly in the last 5 years. This greatly affects the way a company or business runs. One of them is the Public Relations (PR) strategy which is now being carried out differently from the traditional way. With the high number of social media users in Singapore, many companies are switching to using social media for their PR needs. But, what can be done on social media to fulfil PR needs? Follow the steps below. 

  1. Work with influencers on social media 

Influencers are people who are influential on various social media and have large numbers of followers, who then work with brands to carry out digital marketing strategies to promote products and services in the form of content on social media. 

Influencers can have a huge impact on social media. In addition to having a large number of followers, what influencers do often have an impact on social media users. Working with influencers to promote your brand can increase the number of sales of your product. 

  1. Interact with journalists 

Social media journalism arises because audiences often access social media. Journalists publish news on social media so that audiences can receive news while accessing social media. 

To reach a wider scope, interaction with journalists is needed. They are one of the social media users who have a very public voice. Build close interactions with them through sharing their articles on company social media. In addition, know their interests, and interact through direct conversations, not just promotions.