Pros and Cons of Being an Uber Driver

Looking to make some cash on the side as your business expands? Some business owners are creating additional earnings by driving for Uber or Lyft. Yet, like any great entrepreneur, you know that whenever not spent straight building your business, better be time well invested. 

What are the pros and cons of functioning as a for-hire chauffeur for Uber? 

1. Adaptable Schedule 

Perhaps the immense benefit to a work such as this is the versatile timetable. You can function as little or as much as you would like and throughout any hours. No need to schedule your driving around various other tasks. You can drive when you have time. 

Frequently, part-time work with a flexible schedule included an income fit for a senior high school trainee working their very first job. That’s not most likely to help a budding business owner. 

According to Uber, vehicle drivers make around $17 per hour. 

However, what appears like a pro might be a disadvantage. One more research discovered that after expenses, motorists in Houston, Detroit, and Denver were making less than $13.25 per hour, as well as even worse, vehicle drivers in Detroit brought in only $8.77 per hour. On the other hand, Walmart pledges to pay its staff members a minimum of $10 per hour. 

Like any job of this type, as vehicle drivers discover the system, they can maximize their efficiency, driving up their per-hour wage. Also, if Uber were to react, it would likely claim that the work’s flexibility is a far better value to its chauffeurs than the repaired routine of Walmart. 

2. Taxes 

Courts ruled that Uber motorists are independent specialists rather than employees. Due to that, motorists are not eligible for overtime pay or benefits, and also the driver is responsible for paying their very own tax obligations. Luckily, as an independent specialist, you can deduct expenses associated with your business revenue, consisting of taking the typical gas mileage deduction for the miles you travel for your business. An excellent rule of thumb is to conserve 25% of your revenue for taxes; however, you’ll likely pay a lot less after reductions. 

3. Insurance 

As a for-hire driver, your car insurance plan does not cover your car when you’re working as a motorist. Several have incorrectly stated chauffeurs need to give their very own commercial strategy. Still, Uber provides industrial insurance coverage covering the automobile from the time the trip begins to when it ends. Also included are uninsured motorist insurance coverage and other insurance coverages consisting of insurance coverage when the motorist is between journeys. 

4. Wear as well as Tear 

You’ve heard it before. Automobiles diminish quickly, and possibly the biggest adversary to your vehicle’s value is the number of miles. As you pack on the miles, the worth of your auto falls, and the amount of repair services increases. There’s additionally the regular damage of having people in and out of the rear of your cars. There will be stains, spills, unintended damage, and normal deterioration that features everyday use. 

Although Uber will certainly aid you with some expenses– tidying up vomit or various other spots, for example– the damage on your automobile is an expense that falls on you. Conserve a portion of your revenues to buy a brand-new auto. You’ll require that cash long before the informal motorist will. 

5. Your Safety 

The majority of people would undoubtedly reconsider picking up a hitchhiker, but as a for-hire driver, you’re allowing unfamiliar people right into your automobile. Uber does its best to screen bikers by having a comments system where both motorist and motorcyclist price each other; however, there’s no way to ultimately reduce the risk to your security. There are likewise plenty of reports online of passengers making inappropriate advances on drivers and the opposite. Like any kind of service as big as Uber, the reports of adverse incidents will certainly always get even more attention than most trips that take place without incident and wind up being a pleasurable experience for all. All drivers need to take proper safety measures and also Be safety-minded at all times. 


Driving for Uber might be the perfect selection offered the versatile timetable if you’re looking for a little added cash. When you need additional money when points are slow-moving, you can build your business. 

However, do not anticipate making $20 per hr anytime soon. As you learn the ins and outs of how to drive for maximum efficiency, expect your revenue to rise but up until then, be patient. 

Finally, have sensible expectations. If you’re developing a business, you need to focus as much as feasible on that particular initiative. Uber drivers making a salary high adequate to reside on are driving full-time in most cases.