How To Write a SEO Optimized Title Tag?

To optimize your site in terms of SEO, one of the essential elements to look into is the title tag. Indeed, its role is significant in the good referencing of your pages, and therefore of your site. 

Whether you are aiming for a volume goal by increasing your organic traffic, or want to improve your content strategy, it is impossible to overlook the role of these title tags. Beyond the SEO benefit they bring, they are also decisive in optimizing the click-through rate on your page in search engines. 

1. Writing Your Title Tag: Some Good Practices 

 As we could mention previously, the titles given to your pages will have a direct impact on the click-through rate and therefore your potential conversions. This makes writing your titles tags a key step, both in terms of SEO and marketing strategy. Indeed, they must meet both SEO issues, while attracting enough the Internet user to make a prospect. 

 The title should therefore describe the page, include the main keyword and create an emotion. In the age of storytelling, this last element is essential. Among the tips that can be used to write a title, we find in particular: 

 • Numbers;              

• Questions;              

• Words of action;              

• Simplicity;              

• Go to the essentials.              

You can, for example, capitalize on certain keywords that will allow Internet users to get an idea of ​​the type of response you are going to provide: how, why, how much, what, etc. 

 Some may wonder if it is relevant to include the name of his company, or his brand in the title of the page. Everything will depend on the repetitions between the subject and the name of the company which could affect the readability of the title, and therefore reduce the click-through rate. We must also consider the nature of the page: is it a home page (in which case the title tag in all its place), or a blog page (where the question arises more)? 

2. Some Mistakes to Avoid While Optimizing the SEO of Your Page 

Several types of problems can penalize the referencing of a web page because of a title tag. For example, you may have several pages with the same title tag, or your title meta are too long to be well referenced (Google cuts titles over 60 characters long), or on the contrary too short. 

 A title that is too long will be truncated, and therefore not be displayed entirely in the search engine results. The Internet user will therefore not have all the necessary information, and his gaze will naturally refer to the other links presented, which will surely be more explicit. 

 A title that is too short will not provide all the information necessary to bring your page up in the eyes of Google. It may be that the search engines have only too few elements to grasp the stakes of your page, and does therefore not index the best results in the SERPs. 

 As for the duplicate titles on your website, they will logically question the crawlers on the preferred page in the results. Failing to be able to choose, it is your two pages which will be penalized and therefore be less well referenced.