How to Plan A 90s Theme Party

Are you absolutely sure of the lyrics to hits by Scooter, Blümchen and Britney Spears? In addition, do you know why a pencil and a cassette belong together? 

 Then the foundation stone for planning your 90s theme party has been laid. Because if you are a kid of the 90s, planning a private 90s theme party will not be difficult for you.  

So that your 90s event is absolutely “hyper” and you don’t forget anything, we have summarized all the essential steps for planning your 90s party. With these ideas, your celebration will be just as memorable as Tamagotchis, lava lamps and baby G-watches. 

The perfect location 

The best parties were at home in the 90s. That’s why you can easily host your 90s party at your home. Whether in the basement, in the garage, in the living room or simply in the whole house – you can plan a location for your 90s theme party with every room.  

If you don’t want the celebration to take place on your own four walls, you can also rent a party or club room. We recommend this if you’re going to plan a big 90s party and expect many guests. Do you have a location in a prospect? Then make an appointment for viewing in good time.

I’m Too Sexy: Matching 90s Party Outfits 

Only with the right wardrobe of your guests can you get that real 90s feeling. If you can no longer find original parts in the attic, you can create a suitable party outfit with new clothing items. Everything popular in the 90s is allowed. 

Do you still need a few ideas for the clothes for your 90s theme party? The following fashion highlights were trendy in the 90s: 

  •      Bell bottoms 
  •      Baggy pants 
  •      Cycling shorts 
  •      Jeans in all variations: denim jackets, denim dresses, denim coats 
  •      Mesh tops 
  •      Eastpack backpacks and belly swaps 
  •      Platform shoes 
  •      Dresses with spaghetti straps worn over T-shirts 
  •      Skin-tight tops with lettering like “Zicke” or other nicknames 
  •      Chokers, tattoo chains, pearl bracelets 
  •      Tinted, slim sunglasses 

The 90s theme party is the ideal time to wear the fashion highlights from the 90s again. There is no such thing as too many 90s so that you can let off steam with the clothes and accessories. 

I Like It Loud: Music for your 90s theme party 

No matter if Blümchen, Britney Spears, Spice Girls or the Backstreet Boys – all of them should not be missing at your 90s theme party. You can browse your old CD collection for the right inspiration.  

Or do you even have music tapes from back then ready? Now would be the ideal time to put your tape deck in the spotlight.  

Otherwise, you will find music from the 90s for perfect musical entertainment from many streaming providers. It’s best to create your playlist for your 90s theme party so that the mood is at its peak at all times.