How To Plan A 1920’s Theme Party Part Two

Plan food & cocktails for your 20s party 

From a culinary point of view, things were pretty decadent in the 1920s. In addition to caviar, oysters and lobster, a champagne pyramid could also be found at every 20s party. Phew… 

How about, for example, the following snacks and drinks? 

  •      Cocktails such as Kir Royal 3-Mile Long Island Iced Tea and Monkey Gland 
  •      champagne 
  •      Baked oysters 
  •      chocolate ice cream 
  •      Sandwiches with roast beef 
  •      Canapés 
  •      Sandwiches with figs, nuts and sardines 
  •      Salmon rolls with zucchini 
  •      cream puff 
  •      Russian eggs 

Before the cooking marathon tires you, think about how you can distribute all of the work. Are you planning a private party?  

Then ask your friends for help with the preparation. If, on the other hand, you are organizing a significant event, then it is best to contact a professional caterer early on who can deliver suitable delicacies. 

Organize glamorous decorations for your 20s party 

The decoration is an essential part of your 20s party so that the right atmosphere arises. It gives your location a unique charm and puts your guests in the right mood.  

The glamorous and decadent 20s should be reflected in your decoration. A popular and always matching color scheme is gold and silver accessories.  

Whether balloons, chandeliers, garlands, feathers or other accessories – the 20s party decoration should sparkle and be extravagant. With the help of dark and heavy fabrics, you can pick up on the decadence of the 20s. Large vases and old carpets complete the decoration.  

You can also score points with elegance when it comes to table decorations. It is most beautiful if you keep the chosen color scheme and choose, for example, black and gold table decorations.