How To Plan A 1920’s Theme Party Part One

The Roaring Twenties were known for swing, burlesque, gangsters, feather boas, pinstripe suits and a carefree attitude to life. Time may have passed, but you can revive it with an extravagant 20s party. 

Guests and location 

To plan your 20s party optimally, you should determine right at the beginning which framework and where it should take place. With a large number of guests for your 20s theme party, you should prefer a rented location to your living room.  

Particularly suitable locations are, for example, old buildings with correspondingly high ceilings or factory halls. The room should offer enough space for dancing: after all, the 20s are the time of jazz and swing!  

If you are only expecting a few guests, you can also plan the 20s party at home. This not only saves time looking for the perfect location but also noticeably spares your budget.  

If you organize the celebration at your home, you can take the decorating and the preparations more comfortably, and you don’t have to set everything up in a short time. 

Send invitations for your 20s party 

The invitations in the 1920s were just as glamorous as the events themselves. With an invitation written on paper and a classic pen, you hit the nerve of this extravagant era. You can highlight your invitation by attaching a thematic photo or a picture in the style of the 1920s. 

This type of invitation card is very personal but also complex.  

Therefore, no guest will insist on such an unusual invitation. It is better to save valuable time and invest it in preparing for the splendid evening!