How to Organize Conference Properly

Meetings and conferences are now important business events of the year. These events offer participants an excellent opportunity for professional exchange and networking.  

The success of such an event depends on many factors. Whether you want to organize a meeting or plan a conference: You will find all the information you need in our guide. 

What is a conference? 

A conference is similar to a meeting, but the number of participants is usually slightly higher, and the event takes place over several days. 

As at a conference, experts from various industries come together at a conference. Experts and scientists present their work and findings on your topic at the conference by means of lectures and seminars. 

These preparations are necessary 

It is a good idea for an event to put together an internal committee to organize the meeting or conference. An external planner can also help organize a conference.  

For a smaller conference, you can do the planning yourself. With our checklist, you can keep an overview and concentrate on everything necessary. 

The planning of a conference can sometimes take several months, with a conference you should even plan a whole year. Therefore, you should set the date accordingly in advance.  

Make sure that you do not choose holidays or long weekends. Your participants will thank you if you keep their long weekend free for them.  

The same naturally applies to vacation periods when the workforce usually goes on vacation. If you have such an appointment in mind, it is better to postpone it a few weeks and look forward to relaxed conference participants later.   

Therefore, the date of the meeting or conference has been set, and now it’s time to get to the heart of the event: the participants and speakers. To attract the participants with well-known experts and targeted discussions, you should first invite suitable speakers when organizing your meeting or conference. This should be high on your checklist. Get in touch with the experts of your choice in good time and book them for your appointment.

Organize the location for a conference 

Finding the perfect location for the meeting can cost you some time. Which location is best suited for your event depends on various factors. Your budget, the number of participants, the technical equipment and the location play an important role. 

The location, in particular, is an important point when organizing a conference location. Because of the one-day duration, your participants should be able to arrive and depart quickly and easily.  

Therefore, make sure that the venue is easily accessible for all participants by bus, train and car. For example, if you have chosen Hamburg for your conference, popular locations are in the old town and the Hafencity. Are you expecting visitors with a long journey? 

Then, it might make sense to hold your conference near the airport.  

What equipment should the ideal location offer? 

The equipment of the location itself is just as necessary as the location and connection. If you want to organize a successful conference or meeting, you should attach importance to the following points: 

With your choice of location, you automatically determine the participant limit for your event. The room should neither appear overcrowded nor too empty. Therefore, make sure that there is enough space for the desired program. 

The ideal meeting or conference location also has a stage ready for presentations, lectures and panel discussions. Depending on your needs, you should use lecterns, flipcharts, whiteboards and projectors with a screen.  

If you do not want to carry out individual program items in the plenary, the location should also have separate rooms where the focus groups can exchange ideas. In the best-case scenario, each of these rooms should also be equipped with the necessary technology. 

If your dream location does not offer any technology by default, find a technology partner in good time who will provide you with the necessary equipment. Such companies can significantly support their experience and help you organize a great conference or meeting.