How to organize an unforgettable first-year party

The legendary student party at the beginning of the first semester is unforgettable for everyone. But before the mood goes through the roof, you should consider a few essential organization tips. 

A student party is also something exceptional from an organizational point of view. We have summarized the following tips for you so that you can get the most out of your student party or first-year party and inspire your guests.  

The time for your student party 

The right time is crucial for the success of your studio party. Shortly before and during the exam period, hardly any student feels like partying. Understandably, most of them are under high pressure during this time and would instead go the extra mile at their desk than at a party. 

The semester break starts right after the exams, and the success of your student party mainly depends on your city. Do many students travel home during the semester break, or do they tend to stay at the place of study? If hardly anyone is there, your event will suffer as well. However, a party on the last day of the exam could make sense. 

The significant stress phase is over. And students would be happy to have the opportunity to forget the tension of the past few days together. 

If you are planning a first-year party, the ideal date is shortly after the start of the semester.  

The freshmen are still getting to know each other and are looking forward to their first big student party. Alternatively, you can use the beginning of the new semester as a reason to celebrate for all students and thus expand your target group.  

They are all back from their vacation and want to let it rip again. One to two weeks after the start of the lectures is the ideal time to organize such a semester start party.

Finances under control: the budget for your student party 

Planning a student party is often work enough, which is why you shouldn’t pay extra. So that you don’t have less in the till than you did before, you should take your financial planning seriously. Compare and calculate upcoming costs for the location, drinks, DJ and possibly staff when planning. 

Does the university offer party rooms for rent or maybe even free of charge? In any case, the venue should be easily accessible for the students and ideally close to the campus. 

You cannot finance the costs of the student party through the sale of drinks and a reasonable admission price. You shouldn’t charge exorbitant fees to poor students.  

But a small contribution to cover your costs is quite fair and is gladly paid. To be able to plan better, you should start selling tickets as early as possible. Offer tickets in advance at discounted prices and set the price a little higher at the box office. 

This is super easy to regulate if you use a website like Eventbrite. No cash, no long ticket sales session at a table in front of the cafeteria, but conveniently online or mobile.