How To Make A Digital Marketing Plan

Digital marketing is responsible for organizing and structuring how the content will be shared and what will be the methods to promote them and reach the people we want. 

If you want to make a good impact in the digital world and establish yourself as one of the most requested companies, with more interactions and followers, the first thing you should do is learn how to correctly make a digital marketing plan.  

This way, when taking your social networks or websites, your strategies are applied correctly and the results we want are obtained. 

The marketing plan is the roadmap that we will make of all the information required to meet all the objectives that your company has set out.  

A good marketing plan must be concise with relevant information. And to do this, you must to the following. 

1st Step: Study: Internal, External Analysis and SWOT. 

In the first phase of creating the digital marketing plan, the main thing is that you analyze how everything is in your company. That can help you verify in what state your company is, which will allow you to better know the pros and cons of your project, what you need to improve, and take advantage of those things your company has been performing well.  

For example, in the case of having a website, we can turn it to a platform that is responsive and that allows your audience to view your content through their smartphones. And you can also apply the renovations according to the problem you find in each case. 

You must also carry out an external analysis of the market where you want to position your brand. At this point, you must establish who your target audience will be and create a profile with their characteristic, including, hobbies, demographics, among others. 

Finally, you have to carry out a SWOT analysis, which allows you to discover what the strengths and weaknesses of the company are, as well as the opportunities and threats that you may have externally. 

2nd Step: Establish your objectives:  

You must also set objectives that are achievable and that you know you have the resources to approach them. You cannot move forward if you don’t set goals and work based on them. 

Step 3: Establish the tactics to use:  

You have to know in which direction you want things to go, so you must find strategies that help you meet the established objectives. 

For example: 

Objective 1: Get more followers on social networks. 

Tactic: Implement the use of paid advertising/partnerships with accounts with more followers. 

In this tactical development, the strategic plan to be used to meet the short-term objectives must be exposed. This action plan will answer the questions about what to say, why you say it, how to say it and how’s getting the message. 

For this, we have to evaluate the available resources which we will have, such as the media, budget for content creation, among others. 

Step 4: Measurement. 

You must evaluate the results obtained with the new strategies applied. To check if they are complying with what was planned, in order to evaluate the performance of the applied strategies