How Do You Become An Event Manager?

The training to become an event manager is, in principle, not regulated by the state. And this is why there are so many different ways to become an event manager.  

In this regard, the training is to be understood more generally, with the following training options: studies, dual studies, training, further education and career change. 

There is no right or wrong way. Instead, it is said: It depends. What is your goal with an event management apprenticeship? What requirements do you meet, and what experiences do you already have? 

Training event manager 

You can complete an event manager apprenticeship at various institutions, such as vocational schools, business schools or private educational institutions.  

To realize your dream of training as an event manager, you should ideally have a high school diploma.  

Although no specific school leaving certificate is required by law, more and more high school graduates are being hired for this training occupation. The training period is usually three years. 

As an event manager, you take care of your commercial matters in the office and the events you are responsible for on-site – possibly in concert halls, outdoors, in television studios or theaters.  

To be able to do this job, however, you have to be creative. 

You take the dual training as an event clerk alternately in the training company and in the vocational school, which is usually integrated as a block course to regularly visit the school for a week and thus have a little variety in the training company. 

Your week is 40 hours, and you are busy during the day, but you need to be prepared for evening and weekend work when the dates for the events you oversee are approaching.  

Maybe you have to put up with one or two overtime hours, but people enjoy doing such a demanding job. 

With the qualification as an event clerk, you can start a possible professional career.  

Once you have the training in your own pocket, there are many opportunities for further education and training.  

For example, you can train to become an event specialist or business economist for event management or set up your event agency.  

Of course, you always have the option of starting a management course in the field of events after your training. 

Event management studies 

One way to become an event manager is to study event management, where you also have the opportunity to specialize.  

Possible courses of study with which you can become an event manager are 

  • Event management 
  • Business studies with a focus on event management. 
  • Event marketing 
  • International event management 
  • Cultural management 
  • Exhibition, congress and event management 
  • Sports, event and media management 
  • Tourism, hotel and event management 
  • Event technology 

Each course has a particular focus. Here you can specialize in a specific area during your “training.” 

Furthermore, a university degree offers you the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree in event management and choose between specific study models.  

For example, there is distance learning, part-time face-to-face study or blended learning.