Fresh Ideas For Virtual Events

When you think of “online events,” do you think of lengthy webinars or live streams of conferences? You are not alone there. But concerning the implementation of virtual events, a lot will change in 2020. 

Creative event professionals are trying to achieve more reach with streaming concepts worldwide – and not always with a considerable budget. With technology and tools no longer costing the world, events of all sizes can benefit from being held online. 

Here you will find eleven ideas to help you change course quickly and plan your online event. 

The added value of virtual events 

Even if virtual events initially seem less interactive, there is a surprising amount of added value in them. The virtual implementation enables you, for example, to address a wider audience. Travel expenses that might have deterred some interested parties from participating in a live event are no longer an issue. 

In addition, the virtual implementation also means that there are fewer costs – after all, you don’t have to plan a budget for the location, employees or other on-site items. This will significantly reduce your expenses (not to mention your carbon footprint ), and instead, you can invest more money in implementing successful virtual events. 

Last but not least, there are also good reasons from the perspective of data collection. It’s much easier to understand who is watching what with an online audience.  

This participant data is music to the ears of sponsors and can help you secure the best sponsors for your online event. 

So how can you convert a real-life event into something that people will love online too? By giving the participants exactly what they want with your format (e.g., an online yoga course, a family concert or a virtual training), and at the same time also offering networking options via chat functions. 

These eight examples of virtual events are for your inspiration: 

  1. Pass on your business know-how in a workshop 
  1. Interview with an influential person 
  1. Show how to make your most delicious cupcake 
  1. Run a series of courses on gardening 
  1. Have a question-and-answer session about your company 
  1. Introduce your brand new product 
  1. Organize a webinar in which you make the participants aware of your concern and encourage them to donate 
  1. Give your yoga, art, or dance class online 

And here are three examples of what virtual events can look like in reality: 

  • HR Virtual Summit 

The world’s largest virtual HR conference attracts more than 30,000 participants each year. All program items take place virtually, including keynotes and small group meetings. The audience can participate via various chat functions, and the participants are rewarded with a certificate. 

  • 3% Conference 

3% Conference was founded to increase the number of female creative directors. The conference provides live stream access at a low ticket price. The speaker line-up consists of advertising, marketing, PR, IT, non-profit companies and more. 

  • Coursera 

Coursera, while not an annual event, has established itself among free online courses – with content that helps people learn skills. Check out the website for inspiration as you deliver engaging classes with attendees from all over the world.