Event Marketing Tactics You Might Not Yet Use

We introduce you to three effective methods you are probably already familiar with but are not yet using! 

#1 Content Marketing 

Whether blog posts, playlists, mood boards or videos and photos on social networks: Captivating content attracts people, inspires them and puts them in the right mood – long before the event. Exciting content accompanying your event increases the anticipation of your fans and arouses interest in potential new participants. 

A well-thought-out content strategy will not only help you before but also between the events! Photos and highlight videos from the event and recordings of presentations and appearances keep the memories of the past event alive.  

With their help, you stay in contact with the existing participants and give them the feeling of being part of a community to which they want to continue to belong. 

Content marketing is even crucial for addressing new visitors. It’s no secret that people let others influence their decisions. This also applies to events! Video testimonials and high-quality excerpts from past events convince interested parties and strengthen their desire to visit your next event. 

User-generated content should not be underestimated. Live videos, photos and tweets that your attendees share on their social media channels are the most helpful and honest advertisements!  

To pursue a successful strategy, keep an eye on the data from your content channels. They show which of your content is well received by the audience and should instead do without. This allows you to use your budget and your time even more effectively! 

#2 Video Marketing 

How can you best convey the atmosphere and mood of an event? Right, with videos! They are among the most successful tactics on social networks. Tweets with videos get 10 times more engagement than other tweets. In fact, on Facebook, they’re the best-working content.  

So it’s all the more surprising that 38% of survey participants don’t use video marketing. Another contradiction became clear from the survey results: Only 37% of the respondents rely on live streaming for their events, although 84% are satisfied with the results. 

While the capacity of an event is limited to a certain number of visitors, live streams help to scale this. Paid or not, they allow a broader audience to attend your event. And that even beyond the national borders! 

Video production does not necessarily have to be associated with high costs. There are numerous apps that you can use to create videos for free easily. In addition, stories and live streams on Instagram are sufficient to provide followers with an insight into what is happening, even if only briefly. Take the opportunity and convert the audience into future participants! 

#3 Experiential Marketing  

The battle for the attention of visitors is more complex than ever today. Participants are showered with event invitations almost every day, and it is understandable that they only devote their limited time to exceptional ones. 

Therefore, every organizer’s goal should be to create a convincing and unique participant experience – even before the event. Experiential marketing, also known as experience marketing or live marketing, can help you and make your event stand out from the crowd! 

This includes actions such as pop-ups at other events or spontaneous activations in public places. With the help of such tactics, you involve the customers directly and give them a foretaste of the upcoming event. 

Half of our respondents are already using this tactic successfully, and 84% think it is effective. Do you already belong, or are you still waiting?