Event Manager: A Job with A Future Or Not? Part Two

What are the career opportunities of the event manager? 

How the future career opportunities develop depends on your qualifications. With a degree, you have more options than without a university degree. However, there will always be a need for event managers. 

As an event manager, you work for major events such as trade fairs, congresses, festivals, sporting events and cruises. The organization of city festivals, company events and gallery openings is also possible.  

Many companies also employ event marketing specialists. Activities as a club manager or in the tourism sector are also possible. And if you want to be your own boss, you can also strive for independence as an event manager. 

How much does an event manager earn? 

Event planners have some roles. You are responsible for developing event concepts and the design of advertising material, and the acquisition of speakers, moderators, and actors. 

But even if there is hardly any other profession in which you can be so creative, the salary should not be lost sight of. After all, the job is the basis for the standard of living. How much you earn as an event manager depends on various factors. 

Influencing factors: 

  • work experience 
  • Company location 
  • Company size 
  • Branch 

And the question of whether you have a school-leaving qualification or an academic qualification also influences the salary level. Those who have completed a degree generally earn a higher salary as a career starter than someone who has completed an apprenticeship in event management. 

The earnings of an event manager can range from 2,677 to 4,916 dollars. The average salary is around 2,900 dollars. Incidentally, every third event manager receives bonus payments in addition to his basic salary so that the earnings can also be higher.