Event Manager: A Job with A Future Or Not? Part One

Events are ideal for escaping the stressful everyday work. Whether a theme party, barbecue event, bachelor party, company anniversary or wedding, an event manager’s tasks are very diverse. 

With organizational talent, passion and the necessary contacts, he creates events that everyone involved will remember for a long time. But what about paying an event manager? And what prospects does this profession have? 

How do you become an event manager? 

The classic way to become an event manager is through studying. Many universities of applied sciences and vocational academies offer a bachelor’s degree in media and event management.  

A degree focusing on tourism and the hotel industry or a bachelor’s degree in “Music and Event Management” “also helps realize career aspirations. 

It is now also possible to work in event management without studying. With further training in event management, hotel and catering, you can also achieve your goal. So there are several ways to get your dream job. Some degree programs also offer the opportunity to specialize in one area. 

The following courses can lay the foundation for future event managers: 

  • Tourism management 
  • Media management 
  • Cultural management 
  • Sports management 
  • Communication management 
  • Business management 

Depending on which course of study you choose, different focuses are set in the course. But there is also content that is the same for all courses. 

This includes: 

  • Business Administration 
  • marketing 
  • Law 
  • Target group analysis 
  • Use of multimedia 
  • presentation 
  • customer focus 
  • accounting 

Subject-specific content can also be added. If, on the other hand, you decide in favor of certified further training, financial support is possible. The employment agency or the job center can issue an education voucher, for example.