E-Commerce Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales Part Two

  1. Content marketing 

One of the most popular marketing methods in Singapore today is content marketing. Content marketing is great as a means of customer acquisition. Good content marketing educates customers. Not just looking for short-term profit alone. The long term is the goal of content marketing. There are three things you should pay attention to when it comes to content marketing. First is the niche. The most successful websites are those that have a specific niche. A specific niche will also broaden your audience. Doing the opposite, in this case not having a specific niche will not produce the same results. The second is to create content based on who your audience is. If you want to bring in traffic from SEO to collect visitors, you can start with a daily blog. The third is to innovate on your content. Innovation will set you apart from the competition. To put out reliable marketing content, you can observe content that is similar to your niche, imitate it, and give members a little touch on it. 

  1. Collaboration 

Collaborating can help improve your business. Marketing strategies such as collaboration allow you to scale your business by leveraging audiences from other brands. By leveraging another brand’s audience, your marketing campaign can reach a larger audience. The two most commonly recognised types of collaboration are influencer marketing and branding in content. Influencer marketing allows you to increase your business using influencers. This is a great method if you have a small audience but want to get big exposure. 

  1. Email marketing 

For many online businesses, email marketing can increase traffic more quickly. You can create an email list by asking customers to enter their email when they are about to checkout. Or, you can also add an optional form on the popular page on the online store website. 

  1. Advertising 

Advertising is one of the main marketing strategies aimed at increasing growth. Although you have to pay, this method is seen as effective by many business people. Some of the popular advertising platforms used include Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Ads. All three are giant digital advertising platforms, which are almost used by online businesses. 

  1. Giveaway 

Yes, you heard right. Giveaways are an effective way to attract new customers. Indeed, this e-commerce marketing strategy cannot be used every day. But when done at certain moments, giveaways can significantly increase your traffic. 

  1. Video marketing 

Video is one of the marketing strategies that are increasingly relevant with the times. Especially now that it’s even easier to make videos. You can start using your smartphone to record, edit, and share it on your social media. 

E-commerce marketing strategies are always changing. And the biggest challenge of change is adaptation. Hopefully, this article has inspired you in developing a marketing strategy.