6 Ways to Attract Customers to Shop at Your E-Commerce Store Part One

When the wave of e-commerce trends emerged and shot high, many people were interested in building their e-commerce businesses in Singapore. However, their focus often lies solely on the race to increase visitor traffic as high as possible and as quickly as possible. They often forget that the heart of the business is, and still is, dependant on sales. For that reason, e-commerce businesses need to pay attention not only to their visitor traffic but also to how to get these visitors to buy something and not just walk away. 

The question is how? How do attract these customers to change from website visitors to actual customers? Let’s discuss the important points to pay attention to so that you can increase sales for your e-commerce business. 

  1. Creating Products with Convincing Value Offers 

The most important mistake that businesses in general make is to overestimate the advantages of their products when doing promotions. This is one way of attracting customers who are not true because it will cause customers to be sceptical of the product because it appears as something impossible or only exists in the imagination. 

Please note that information can be easily found these days, so you must be completely transparent with what you are selling and avoid overly promising advertisements. You can include some product feature details but still display something authentic. Build customer trust in the products offered by selling them in the right price range and according to quality. 

You can also add access to complementary services that make it easier for your customers to shop, such as providing various payment methods, the opportunity to return goods with free return shipping, and ensuring the security and privacy of the personal data they share. 

Also, make sure your online store is accessible and compatible with any device for a better customer experience. 

  1. Turn Your Visitors into Buyers 

Website traffic indeed is one of the most important factors in the e-commerce business. However, we also need to pay attention to the quality of the visitor traffic. 

Most professional experts would highly recommend focusing primarily on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) marketing strategies, claiming that SEO is the most important factor for a successful e-commerce business. However, as mentioned above, you can always achieve the highest possible visitor traffic, but if no visitors believe in what you are selling, they will not buy anything from your company. Because of this, they’re less likely to come back, let alone tell their partners a cool product you’re offering — a free word of mouth. 

There are many ways to attract potential customers who have a high purchase intention. SEO as a way is still important, but after successfully using it to get more visitors and build awareness, don’t forget to pay attention to your conversion rate. Guide and convince them in the process of weighing the best service providers from various competitors that customers can easily access in this online era. 

Send out a regular newsletter as long as it’s not too frequent, then do a retargeting campaign to make sure they keep thinking about your product even after it’s off the website. At a certain point when they are sure, they will visit again and complete the previously pending purchase process.