5 Tips For Planning Your New Years Eve Party

The time will come soon. The year is drawing to a close. Now it is time to find your strength again and invest all the time and energy in planning your New Year’s Eve party.  

It will be worth it! Because the stories of the best party of the year (we’re talking about your party here, of course) are the best advertising for your event in the coming year! 

We have put together the five most essential tips for you so that your planned party turns into a lavish party that everyone is talking about in 2022. 

Offer early bird incentives 

Your guests should have a reason to buy their tickets early, for example, through early-bird discounts or perks such as drink vouchers, competitions or gifts. The earlier guests confirm, the longer they have the opportunity to share their enthusiasm for the event with others. 

Make your attendees your promoters 

Around 45% of New Year’s Eve orders only include one ticket. But of course, most New Year’s party guests go to an event that their friends also attend. With the help of the tools like Eventbrite, guests can share their event page on social networks like Facebook and Twitter with just one click. 

Find a unique theme or motto 

Take some time to come up with ideas for a possible topic that your event should be under. The brainstorming can occur with a simple list or a sophisticated Pinterest board – a visualization of the planned event is helpful. The choice of drinks, food and decorations often determines the required venue.  

Find the perfect location for your New Year’s party 

First, think about what type of audience you are planning the event for: Is the party only for a selected exclusive group or do you want to dance into the year in the club with well-known DJs?  

In the end, the location often decides the final price of your tickets, whether you need security, artists, catering – the list is long. 

Next up is the budget: estimate how much the event will cost you, including expenses such as alcohol, furniture rentals, bartenders, and decorations. In the next step, decide whether the event should be free or paid. This will help you narrow down the selection of possible venues and explore the possibilities of renting a room. 

Give your guests the freedom of choice 

As is well known, New Year’s Eve only takes place once a year. Therefore, your guests should be able to decide for themselves how they want to celebrate. Offer them a range of different ticket types, for example, VIP packages, super VIP tickets or tickets without queuing or even tickets for couples in a double pack. 

In 2018, the average price for a paid New Year’s Eve event was $70 – this may be a guide for your pricing. If you plan to sell tickets for over $100, you should highlight the perks or special services included in that price. If they cost $ 30 or less, you can promote them as an inexpensive option for a New Years Eve party.