5 Tips and Basic Video Editing using Adobe Premiere Pro Part Two

After that, cut the video. After we select the footage and insert it into our Adobe Premiere Pro, we drag the video directly into the sequence and cut it. The cutting technique here is very necessary. We suggest when you make a cinematic video, try to cut the video according to the soundtrack you choose so that it makes the video with your background blend together. 

After you cut and you think the results are good, don’t forget one thing, or we used to call it colour grading. This colour grading is a technique where we refine the colours of the video we’re making to add more effect and a richer feel. 

  1. Preview 

Once you know what image you want to create in your video, you’ve chosen good footage, the right background sound, and you’ve edited it. The last stage is that you have to preview the video that you have made. If there are still shortcomings, for example, you want to add a sound effect / the colour is not good / your cut technique is still not perfect, you have to finish it until it becomes the result you want before you render or save your video. This is the use of the preview first before you finish the video by rendering. 

Those are basic video editing tips through Adobe Premiere Pro. We hope this helps those of you who are still confused about what kind of video they want to edit and have an overview of the correct video editing method in Singapore. Because good or bad videos are not because of what camera we use but how our creativity to edit videos becomes more perfect.