5 Tips and Basic Video Editing using Adobe Premiere Pro Part One

Surely some of you love to capture certain moments that you think are good to immortalise, whether it’s your daily life, moments with friends, family, wedding moments, and so on. In good and interesting work, or you just make life moments that you capture, there must be a touch of video editing that makes it more perfect. 

There are many video editing software in Singapore that have their respective advantages, so here we use a software called Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing. Why Adobe premiere pro? Because this software is very simple but has complete features for video editing, and is easy to use, both professional editors and beginners. Here we will explain 5 basic video editing tips in Adobe Premiere pro. Hope it helps. 

  1. Overview 

You must first have an idea of the video you want to edit. For example, if you want to make a cinematic video, then you first take a picture with a cinematic angle. 

  1. Footage 

Now then, you have to first select the footage that you have taken and of course, choose the best one according to you, and put it in 1 folder so you don’t get confused when you want to edit it. Before that, you also have to understand the camera angles that are good for your footage and according to the picture of the video you want to make. Now, this is a little lesson about camera angle and movement, so that it adds to the cinematic impression if you understand it. 

  1. Backsound 

Well, we think backsound is a crucial or very important thing in a video. It’s because backsound is a feeling or you could say the heart of a video plot. Because when you want to make a sad video, of course, you have to choose a sad background, it’s also impossible, right, you choose a happy background in a sad scene? Well, that’s why we think the selection of the backsound is very important in a video. 

  1. Editing 

Now we enter the video editing process, before that you also have to understand the process and how to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro. The first step you have to do is make sure you have Adobe Premiere Pro software. Open the application and go to the new project-give a title and want to save it then OK. Then you input it into Adobe and to make it easier for you to separate it using a Bin or a folder within Adobe itself, separate videos, sound effects, etc. 

Then you also have to understand the tools used when editing videos. V (selections tool), A (Track select forward tool), B (Ripple edit tool), C (Cut), Y (Slip tool), P (Pen tool), H (Hand tool), and the last T (Type tools). The uses of these tools vary depending on their needs.