5 Characteristics That an Event Manager Needs Part Two

#3 Conflict resolution skills 

“Where there is planing, chips fall” – this saying applies particularly to event management. Where big events are organized with many different parties, mistakes are made.  

The experienced event manager knows how to get the coals out of the fire and reflects after the event which mistakes were avoidable and at which point he might have made mistakes.  

Constant reflection is essential to know your strengths and weaknesses and learn to deal with them better. With experience and routine, the negative stress factor is also reduced. 

#4 Decision-making authority 

Sometimes you can’t wait long when it comes to realizing an event! Some decisions have to be made immediately and responsibly – with all of their consequences.  

What may be uncomfortable at first for the career starter but quickly becomes routine. The nice thing is: you can learn to “decide”! 

As important as making decisions is accepting someone else’s decision. Because event management is a “team,” and everyone has to pull together. When the team or a superior has decided, it is essential to accept it and implement it as best as possible – even if you might have done it differently. 

#5 Adaptability 

The sound makes the music. It only partially applies to event managers. A well-groomed tone is, of course, just as important as it is elsewhere.  

But when all employees give full throttle, something has to be done incredibly urgently. Things can get rougher, and “please” and “thank you” fall by the wayside.  

But that doesn’t necessarily have something to do with a lack of appreciation. At events, very different people work together who know very different ways of working in their everyday work.  

From the distinguished representative of a company to the super relaxed stage builder, there are very different characters. The challenge of adapting to different people and communicating in different ways is exciting and can also be fun.