5 Characteristics That an Event Manager Needs Part One

Personally, I like the job in event management, but I cannot recommend him unreservedly. Because the industry differs from others and is not suitable for every character type and an event manager should bring some characteristics with him: 

#1 Stress resistance 

In the case of an event, the agreed services must be perfectly implemented at the time. The closer the event gets, the stronger the stress symptoms become.  

Has everything been thought of? What still has to be done and by when? What does the client think? 

The stress that arises here is essential so that the many small and large tasks can be completed or coordinated on time. Stress becomes the engine of performance. But that only works for a specific time.  

The event will be over at some point, and stress will fall away again – a great feeling. But to get that far, you have to learn first that stress can also be something positive and use it to increase effectiveness! 

#2 Flexibility 

Many events take place outside of regular working hours—an evening event here, a weekend there. Anyone looking for a “9-5 job” has no position in event management.  

This job changes frequently, and there are always new situations that have to be mastered. Sometimes you forget the “time clock,” and that’s okay.