4 Books You Should Read As Event Managers

You might be wondering why you should read books for organizers when you are online all day and following the most important news and trends. As a successful event manager, you should be technologically up-to-date and train yourself methodically. 

In the following, we have therefore listed eight books for event managers that you should read. We start with beginners and advanced users and close with a few good books on event marketing, self-management and team management. 

Organizing meetings and events for dummies by Susan Friedmann 

The “For Dummies” book series is now well known and by no means a joke. In this book, Susan Friedmann introduces you to meeting and event planning basics and goes into various types of events.  

Central elements such as budget planning, participant acquisition and management, and the organization of the catering are not neglected. 

#1 The boss I will never forget: How to gain the loyalty and respect of your employees by Alexander Groth 

A key success factor of a good event manager is team leadership and management. Practical experience naturally plays a central role, but Alexander Groth provides a few essential tips and background information that should help you become a better manager in this book.  

Trust and respect for your team members are crucial. If you are at the very beginning of your career as an event manager, this book can help you better understand team dynamics and your manager’s decisions. 

#2 The power of habit: Why we do what we do by Charles Duhigg 

Every day, as an event manager, you deal with the small and large challenges of this profession and have certainly developed your own positive and negative habits and routines. In his book, Charles Duhigg shows the current findings from research and everyday life.  

He illuminates why some people manage better and faster than others to get rid of their bad habits or establish new, meaningful routines. 

#3 The 7 Paths to Effectiveness: Principles for Personal and Professional Success by Stephen R. Covey 

A classic and bestseller in the literature on self-management: In his book, which was first published in 1989, Stephen R. Covey gives a comprehensive overview of what he sees as 7 key ways to be more effective in professional and private life. This should not be missing in your library of books for event managers because Covey gives you valuable advice on self-organization and better use of time and other available resources. 

#4 Practice-oriented event management: planning, implementing and evaluating events successfully. by Uwe Eisenmann, Lothar Winnen, Alexander Wrobel 

This anthology with renowned authors who shed light on event management’s strategic and conceptual success factors is more expensive but full of valuable knowledge. Aspects such as event controlling, legal issues and risk minimization are not neglected either.  

In addition, the book offers essential tips for selecting suitable event locations and best practices for successful events and an outlook on current trends in event management.