3 Tips For Creating A Great Event Video

Why is it important to record an event? It’s simple: if you do it correctly, it will propel you and your event brand forward. 

Because, although in the past, it was messages and images that drew attention on social media, it is now videos that do so. We offer three suggestions for making your event video great. 

#1 Without a concept, nothing works 

It would be best to come up with a cohesive theme before you start shooting your event video. This takes some time at the start, but once you have a plan in place, you’ll know precisely where you are and which sequences you still need to shoot. 

So consider what you want to accomplish with your event video in advance: 

  • Who do you like to send this to? 
  • What message should the event video send? 
  • What mood do you want the video to convey? 
  • What should the video’s duration be? 
  • What parts of the event should be filmed? 

You will make the filming process easier if you consider how the event video should appear at the conclusion. You know precisely which sequences will assist you and, as a result, contribute to the video’s success. 

#2 Put a face to your business 

The era of anonymity has come to an end. Instead, consumers of social media want to know who is behind a business. 

Users will be able to identify with your organization much better if you give it a face. Consequently, it is standard practice in video marketing for corporate personnel to have their say in an event film. This personnel might come from any department inside the firm. 

Employees should be informed ahead of time so they can prepare for their appearance in the event film. Bring them some of the video’s questions and topics to discuss. 

Even if your firm is just you, you should put yourself in front of the camera and give it a face. However, with a one-person firm, this might be much more advantageous. 

#3 For the event video, use your customers or visitors 

Your clients are your finest marketing. It would be ideal if you utilized it in video marketing as well. So-called testimonials frequently gain the audience’s trust by emphasizing the relevance of the audience’s viewpoint on an event. 

As a result, you might try to get attendees to participate in a brief interview during your event. Of course, you should have thought about the essential questions ahead of time. For example, “Who are you?” may be a question to ask the participants or guests. 

The interviewee’s name is quite essential. Age and profession might also be advantageous. 

“What brings you to today’s event?” 

Inquire about the reasons why the person came to your event. 

“What has been your personal highlight thus far, and what do you anticipate most?” 

Request that the interviewee mentions two or three items. Then, of course, throughout the video, only good remarks should be heard. 

While selecting interviews, always bear in mind that they must also suit the target demographic for the event film